eurToken(EURO) Fixed income

1 min readDec 23, 2021

Demand for eurotoken (Euro) stablecoins — as with stablecoins of other currency denominations — is at an interesting place in that USD stablecoins have built up such a lead that the total value captured within the blockchain ecosystem The vast majority of the company dominates around them, but still somehow does not give the investor and trader a good plan to earn money but plans to invest on Alt Coin.

We shouldn’t invest our hard-earned money in crypto without any maturity and it is better that we take stable crypto from our hard-earned money.

We have come up with a stable crypto eurToken(EURO) that gives you APY 24% daily.

You have to keep your eurToken(EURO) in your wallet and you will get APY 24% in your wallet daily that too.

You can exchange your eurToken(EURO) with any crypto and you will not have to pay any fees if you transfer it from any exchange to exchange or wallet.