What is eurToken(EURO)? Everything you need to know about EURO

2 min readDec 8, 2021

You’re thinking, another stable Token? Aren’t there enough of them already out there with Tether, USD Token, Binance USD, TerraUSD, Dai, and so on? What does it bring to the stable? That is what we will see in this article.

What is EuroToken?

eurToken(EURO) is a stable Token; first of all, for the newbies, let’s remember that a stable Token is a currency that remains…stable ($1). So it addresses one of the biggest issues in the crypto-currency space: high price volatility. So when you decide to swap your cryptos for stable Tokens you are guaranteed to be protected from a drop in prices, which is particularly useful in this bear market period where major cryptos have dropped from 10 to over 30%.

That’s nice, but why should we choose eurToken(EURO) when there are more well-known stable Tokens with large market capitalizations.

How does it work?

The key advantage is that you earn income passively with eurToken(EURO). Indeed, its unique concept allows you to earn EURO passively when you HOLD eurToken(EURO) APY 24%; and there is no need to stake your cryptos on any exchange; just holding EURO makes you earn cryptos.

How can I invest?

The best way to buy eurToken(EURO) is through PancakeSwap (we will keep you posted on upcoming listings):

1st step: Download Metamask or TrustWallet if you don’t already have it

2nd step: Buy USDT

3rd step: Go to your browser of choice, and visit https://pancakeswap.finance/info/pair/0x2EF04280F64ab840c2BAf626ACa4d4038A061c52

4th step: Swap for EURO

Supportive Centralised Exchange

1. https://dex-trade.com/spot/trading/EUROUSDC

2. https://dex-trade.com/spot/trading/EUROUSDT

3. https://dex-trade.com/spot/trading/EUROBUSD

Congrats! You did it! Rewards are distributed daily.

Final words

eurToken(EURO) has the potential to become one of the leading stable Tokens on the market due to its profitability.

So, is it worth investing? Yes, we think early investors will get the biggest ROI; but remember, don’t take our word for granted and always do your own research!